Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Feather Decoration DIY

Hi there,

 today I have a nice spring decoration DIY for you.  It's a great "in between" Easter decoration idea. Or if you are tired of the same traditional egg hangers, I could imagine it as a Easter center piece as well. The best part is, you need very little to make these clay feathers, and they are so easy to make. Oh... and NO Mess!!

Take a small part (Walnut size) of the Modelling clay and roll it with a Noodle roller on a piece of foil. (The feathers will come easy of the foil, once dried). OK, so after you have rolled your clay thinly, you take an exactor knife and cut the clay in a shape of a feather. If you not good at cutting freehand, you always can find pictures on the Internet that you can print and use as template. Next, roll another (pea size) of the clay, roll it on your hand. This will be the quill, in the middle of the feather. Brush a little water onto feather, so the quill will stick.

Next step: With an Exactor knife (or needle) "scratch" lightly to make contour-lines. Make a few grooves and bend it slightly, so it looks more natural. Then make a small hole in the upper left , next to the quill, so it can be hung later. Let your feathers air dry, up to 24 hours.
Once completely dry, you can file the sides a little to smooth'en out rough edges.
Insert a string. Its ready to hang now. I like the look when the feathers are hanging on a simple dry tree branch. I think it looks even elegant. What do you think?

Happy crafting, and decorating friends!!

xo, Diana


  1. Beautiful. Very creative!

  2. Love it! I wish I would have a creative hand.

  3. nice, i love feathers. have to try it out

  4. Karin De AngelisMarch 04, 2014

    Oh wow. Beautiful. You have so many things I want to make. Have to work this week, hopefully on the weekend.