Thursday, February 13, 2014

Easy Flower decoration tips

It is the middle of February, and it is 75 degrees here in Los Angeles. Can you believe it? We are cheated this winter. I'm not complaining though, honestly, I like this neutral weather we're having. My Peach and Apricot trees are flowering already. They smell is so beautiful ...  I cut off a few twigs and brought it into my house. I arranged them into small candle votive's that spread the word l o v e.
Well February is all about love, right!

Bring fresh, natural beauty into your home.

A simple arangement of pink tuips and peach blossoms appoint the entryway cabinet of my home. The soft pink tulips, and irredesant white make a pretty contrast against the "Hemp" painted wall.
The Tulips also add a burst of color. And who doesnt love fresh flowers to brighten up the home?

 1. Be creative. Add fresh flowers to candle votif's, tin jars, mason jars, or pretty tee cups.

2. To keep flowers fresh, cut stem in a 45 degree angle before placing them into the vase. Cut every two days to ensure proper absorption of the water. Short cut flower arrangements look great on small side tables or coffee tables.

3. Solitary Flowers with long stem look great single in a vase, to bring out their natural form. Bushy flowers look good when arranged into a big bunch.

xo, Diana

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