Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, Fresh Start, and My Wish for 2014


            A new year is here, and that means a fresh start.

On New Years Eve, we gather together, we reflect and celebrate all the good that has happened in the past year, and set goals for the next year.
For some, a new year is a source of energetic movement, a kicking life in high gear.
When I was younger, I always wanted to be a famous designer. I dreamed of designing beautiful haute couture evening gowns. I envisioned them on beautiful models walking down the runway...........Then I had my kids. I think that dream was a little bigger than making my mark in the world. ;) I was lucky to be able to work from my home studio while I was raising my kids. 

They make a list of specific goals, and aspiring drastic change.
For others, it's a fresh opportunity to be inspired, to reinvent yourself, a marking moment for gratitude, and the hope that the new year brings happy surprises.

I've spent a lot of time multi-tasking, juggling, and running around.

I wanted a certain endeavor to be perfect.

I had that  "trying to do it all by myself attitude". The Super woman/ Super mom syndrome. I realized this mentality was not really bringing me any closer to my dream. I had to ask myself "What is most important in my life, right now". My priorities have changed, and everything was centered around my children. It still is.

    These cuties are my focus, my core, right now.

As your life changes, your priorities will change with it. You have to take the time and think of what is most important to you, tend to it, make it strong, happy and healthy.
 Once you do that, believe that everything will fall into place. I'm a big believer in destiny. Everything in life happens for a reason. The timing is never off. We have to make the best out of what is given to us.
Once you know what your priorities are, then all the other things fall into place.

For me, making a long "New Years resolution" list has never worked out, and learned if I  rather set myself goals for the month, small realistic ones, that I a actually could get them done. 
That way, by the end of the year, looking back- you see how much you have accomplished.

Whatever the New Year means to you, know this:

Outlook for this Year:

 Yesterday is over.

Don't take Yesterday into Today.
If you had a bad day yesterday... 
Thank God the day is over!
Today is a New Day, New Opportunities, New Ideas, New Possibilities, New Energy, New exciting, wonderful things are waiting for you!

No more pondering over yesterdays misfortune!

Today is new Power, new Success, new Happiness, New New!

Even if yesterday was great, don't live for it.
Live in the moment, in the Now, and every day New!

You can't change yesterday, so set yourself only to what is happening now!
And that is: NEW!

My wish for 2014: 

Being at Ease.
Being free from circumstances, good or bad.
Abundance with all that is good.

May your year be filled with happiness, peace, love, strenght, and all of the above!!




"Nastassja,  what is your Resolution for this new year?"
"ahhh.... you can decide every day for whatever you want, and go for it!"

"And you Tristan?  What is your Resolution for this new year?"
Tristan ( looking at me what the heck is she talking about ):
" Huhhhh...?!"

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