Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello September

Goodbye busy... but dreamy August - we're looking forward to the most beautiful month of the year, September!

In August ... 

- painted the girls bedroom, family room, and the kitchen- then... repainted the kitchen again ... couldn't decide...phew
- splashed with the kids in the pool
- Tristan got a pony ride
- the girls read four books
- crafted a robot with the boys
 made many new friends over here (1000 to be exact) ♥ ♥ 
- designed a few new children's outfits for 2014
- designed new children's art prints, put finishing touches on another print line... ahem (top secret) :-)
- re-designed and improved a whole new website (launching this September)
- baked a cheesecake, a fig tartlet - yum, and cooked 60 glasses of marmalade
- decorated the house with fresh flowers from the garden
- prepared something for BACK TO SCHOOL , and made myself aware that I can be simultaneously relaxed and decided at the same time.

Considering all this happened in August, its kinda neat :-)

So now, we're getting started!

We will enjoy September to the fullest (before the cold hits)
We will look forward every moment, get inspired and be inspiring
We will discover every day with strength and joy - and give you a reason why the world has been waiting for Lalilu :)
It is such a gift that you exist -  and, I'm happy that you are joining me on my ventures!

So... uh... ( Need time to think about how to entertain all of you bloggers...)...

- there will be new artwork for kids
- some inspirational Prints for everyone else
- I will shower you with autumnal DIY crafts for you to make with your kiddos
- I will let you know where to buy the cutest little shoes for the littlest
- and throw a view scrumptious fall recipes in there for you as well!

This week is starting great! 

So, stay tuned... don't go away!



  1. Tatiana FisherSeptember 03, 2013

    It was a beautiful month. I can't wait for your september's posts.
    take care,


  2. Don't go awayyyy - never!!! :)
    August was beautiful. I love your ideas, DIY, photos and recipes.
    You got a lot done - thanks for sharing!!

    Looking forward to your blog posts!!


  3. Can't wait!!!!!!!!

    BIrte from Minnesota

  4. Hallo Diana,
    so viele nette Worte und tolle Bilder, das macht echt gute Laune bei unseren trüben Wetter!!!
    Liebe Grüße,
    Ute ✿