Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello Spring
I've been watching spring in the making here in southern california. Buds slowly unfold on trees, the smell of a thousand beautiful flowers bloom, pollen float in the wind. My morning walks are filled with this little angel. 

Tatum is today 8 months old. He loves to be outside. He likes to pull the flowers from the trees and watch the cars zoom down the road, reminding me daily that he hasn't seen this or that yet with his newness.

Time seems to go by much faster this time around. Tatum gets very excited by all the liveliness in our house watching his older siblings interact. He started crawling last month, and is now standing up by himself already.  As much as I wish, I can't hold on to time.
For now I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Happy spring everyone!

xoxo, Diana



  1. Beautiful! Yes we as well are seeing things coming to life. Discovering different trees. The smell is amazing. You look amazing. Take care my friend. Lots of hugs and kisses to you and the family.

    1. Hi Nidy, thank you! Yes, enjoy your new beautiful house and ranch!! hugs and kisses to all of you as well!!!