Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Egg Cupholder DIY


 Instructions on the DIY are at the end of Post

The Artists
Desiree & Tatum

and Tristan... he had a little bit too much fun :)

The finished Product

 What you will need: 

- colored construction paper
- scissors
- crayons
- glue/ or tape (we used tape, its less messy)
- print out Bunny and Friends pattern below

Some of our favorite craft­ing mem­o­ries are the many happy times spent dec­o­rat­ing and prepar­ing the house for a holiday. 
Easter is next weekend, and if you are looking for a fun little project you can do with your kids, feel free to use the Bunny & Friends Pattern I created. 
It's a really easy, and not too messy project. Just print out my free templates. They are created as a 11.5 x 8" document, so the print size will perfectly on standard sized paper.Then cut away, be creative with coloring, or (you can use my sample on top of post), then cut 7 x1" strips of different color construction paper, tape together, and lastly glue or tape the little friends on construction paper strip. Place egg inside paper ring. Voila.

They make also cute little friends to play with after:) If you make these little friends with your kids, I really would LOVE to see your pics!

Happy weekend my friends! I'm off to preparing my vegetable garden before planting.

xoxo, Diana

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