Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays

We'll be spending the holidays with our families and friends. Here's some important information for you !!

All the orders made between
DECEMBER, 20th and JANUARY, 1st
will be sent to you on


Best wishes for all of you !!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Reality check

It's been so busy here the last few months. I was hoping for September to be more calm... I blink once, and the day is over. I blink twice, and the whole month is over. Again. What do you do when you have too much on your list?? My day could be double as long. Baby T has been really naughty lately too. He likes getting into everything, and turns the house upside down. Unlike my other kids, this one needs a little more attention, ahemhehem...gah... ahem a lot more attention.
The crazy thing is,  he is sooo cute.. that he can get away with murder :)

I have a few pressing matters on my table right now, which have to be tweaked a bit in order to be perfect.
A million ideas swirling in my head. So many other things I would rather do.
I would rather paint and redo some rooms in my house.
Go to the lake with the kids
Make cookies and ice cream with them
Roll around in the grass, and count the stars with them... hew, or, be rather here and talk to you.


Back to reality.

Back to work.

And, since I cannot leave here without a picture. I took this photo yesterday in my garden. Isn't it lovely?

Enjoy the last few days of Summer!

I'm back this week with more things to share.



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello September

Goodbye busy... but dreamy August - we're looking forward to the most beautiful month of the year, September!

In August ... 

- painted the girls bedroom, family room, and the kitchen- then... repainted the kitchen again ... couldn't decide...phew
- splashed with the kids in the pool
- Tristan got a pony ride
- the girls read four books
- crafted a robot with the boys
 made many new friends over here (1000 to be exact) ♥ ♥ 
- designed a few new children's outfits for 2014
- designed new children's art prints, put finishing touches on another print line... ahem (top secret) :-)
- re-designed and improved a whole new website (launching this September)
- baked a cheesecake, a fig tartlet - yum, and cooked 60 glasses of marmalade
- decorated the house with fresh flowers from the garden
- prepared something for BACK TO SCHOOL , and made myself aware that I can be simultaneously relaxed and decided at the same time.

Considering all this happened in August, its kinda neat :-)

So now, we're getting started!

We will enjoy September to the fullest (before the cold hits)
We will look forward every moment, get inspired and be inspiring
We will discover every day with strength and joy - and give you a reason why the world has been waiting for Lalilu :)
It is such a gift that you exist -  and, I'm happy that you are joining me on my ventures!

So... uh... ( Need time to think about how to entertain all of you bloggers...)...

- there will be new artwork for kids
- some inspirational Prints for everyone else
- I will shower you with autumnal DIY crafts for you to make with your kiddos
- I will let you know where to buy the cutest little shoes for the littlest
- and throw a view scrumptious fall recipes in there for you as well!

This week is starting great! 

So, stay tuned... don't go away!


Friday, August 9, 2013

School Cone DIY

Zuckertuete (literally, "sugar bag" or "candy bag"). This is a German tradition played out every September at the start of the school year. The First Day of School, (First grade) is a very special event in Germany that symbolizes the importance of a child's formal education. The Zuckertuete - a special cone-shaped container that is about three feet tall filled with candy, toys and school supplies - is a gift from the parents to their children so they feel special on this important day.

September 1. 1980       (My first day of School. This is me on the right, in front) 

The history of the Zuckertuete (School cone) dates back to 1810 when parents in the Eastern part of Germany gave their children for the first time little sweets and gifts at the beginning of their school year.  

If you want to make for your  child something special on the first day of school, surprise him/her with a Zuckertuete (School cone).

Here are some fun things to put in the bags: crayons, stationary, erasers, watches, yo-yos, hair clips, gum and stuffed toys.

DIY School cone instructions:

  • Poster board paper
  • glue stick or staples
  • tissue paper, or fabric
  • goodies to fill the cone
  • embellishments if you want to decorate the cone

1. Color Poster board paper (or glue fabric on top of heavy card- stock)

2. Using a pencil and string like a compass (tie your string to your pencil) Hold one end to the bottom left hand corner and draw a quarter of a circle across the rest)

3. Cut out your quarter circle and roll.

4. Glue shut and hold in place with elastic bands.

5. Glue your tissue paper, or tulle fabric carefully to the inside.

6. Add your ribbon and other embellishments.... done...

Now fill with sweets and school supplies, and make your little one happy :)

How about you?  Any fun traditions in your family?  Country?  I would love to hear them!

(If you make one, I would love to see your creations. You can share them here with us

Have a great weekend everyone!!

xoxo Diana

Back to School Lunch box ideas + Veggie- Turkey Wrap recipe

Back to school is in full swing now. The kiddos are starting Monday, and once again I find myself scanning the fridge and pantry for quick and easy foods to pack for their lunch box. My goal for this year is to find some healthy alternatives that are easy to fix, inexpensive, and can survive being crammed into a backpack for hours. 
After brain storming, this is what I've come up with. I made this cute little food chart. Feel free to print it out, and hang on your fridge:) 

What are your favorite lunch/ snack ideas for your kids?

P.S. Don't forget to send your sweeties a little note that makes them smile!

Veggie-Wraps with Turkey

Makes 4 Wraps

  • 1/4 Bunch Chives
  • 2–3 Sprigs Cilantro
  • 1 glove of garlic (minced)
  • 8 oz Cream Cheese
  • 2–3 Tablespoon Milk
  • Salt und Pepper
  • 1 small can Corn 
  • 2 medium Carrots (coarsely grated)
  • 1/4 Iceberg salad
  • 4 Wrap-Tortillas
  • 150 g Turkey deli slices 
  • Parchment paper

1Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Rinse Chives and Cilantro with cold water. Dry and chop finely, then mince garlic. In a small bowl, add creme cheese, milk, salt and pepper to taste. Whisk everything up.
2Add chives, cilantro, and minced garlic to the cremed cheese. Strain the corn, wash salad and carrots, coarsely grate carrots, and chop the salad. Set aside.
3Place Tortillas on a baking sheet and bake for  ca. 1 minute. Time for the filling: Evenly spread the herb cream cheese mix on the tortillas, spread salad, carrots, corn and turkey slices on top.
4Now roll tortillas tight together. Cut rolls in half, and wrap int parchment paper.
That's it. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Round-up...

Hope you all had as much fun as we did. We celebrated Easter, and our sweet Grandma Bertha's 73th. Birthday. She was surrounded by her twelve grandchildren and four great grandchildren, nieces & nephews.
We ate, we laughed, cached up on a few things.  The kids got spoiled with new toys. (Oh my goodness... it felt like Christmas). They played, rolled around, and had way too much chocolate...
But that's it what it is all about... having fun:)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

Print availabe at our store!

Happy Easter everyone!

xoxo, Diana

Easter Bunny Sighting

Last Weekend we started to prepare our garden beds. We are getting ready to plant our vegetables for this season. While cutting back our overgrown rosemary bush, we spotted this cute little baby bunny hiding under the mint patch.
Of course the kids fell in love with it right away, they wanted to keep him.
Well... we kept him for one night, then set him free the next day. It is a wild rabbit after all, and is probably looking for his mommy.

But... isn't he cute?

Daddy's little helper

Meanwhile, on the inside we got our easter decorations done as well.

The kids are super excited for this Sunday.

Have a sweet easter weekend everyone!!!

xoxo, Diana

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Proud Mom - A Post about homeschooling your kids

It's been three years since I took my kids out of traditional school, and made the big decision to home school my children. A short story on how it all came about. It started when my oldest Son, Nicolaj entered junior high when I saw changes in his behavior going from a happy and outgoing nature to quiet and melancholic. His grades went from an overall B to D and F. Even in cooking class he would get an F. When I asked him about school he would never say anything. One day he came home with a three-day suspension notice from the principal. I was furious, and trying to get him to talk was a challenge. He told me that during class his bench partner was numerously kicking him under the table. He told his teacher, a view times, apparently he didn't care, and the kid next to him didn't stop either. Naturally, being frustrated by now, he kicked him back. The teacher saw it, and my son got suspended. Now, my kids know that fighting back is never the solution. I went to his school to find out what is going on with my son. I got no answers, and was sent home to wait a whole week for an appointment with his teachers. The first day he goes back  (after the suspension) , I got a phone call from the school nurse. One of his peers swang the door in his face, bruised his lip and chipped his front tooth. Immediately I went to school, demanding to speak to the principal, only to be reverted to the vice principals office, and there for the first time I found out that he was bullied the whole time, they knew about it all along, and did not do anything about it. I knew now why my son was miserable all the time. My child's safety was now compromised, and I knew I had to make a decision quick. I'm going back a moment to where I stated that his grades were also declining. I didn't just sit back then. At the time, I saw an infomercial on TV about the K12 International Home school program. I was fascinated with how well organized and curriculum rich the program is, and how it reminded me of my own schooling in Germany. Every subject is divided into their own respective field, not to mention there is art class, music, and world language. In short, I fell in love with the k12 program, but I was skeptical. It is a bit scary to think that if you don’t send your kids to a classroom, their won't be anyone telling your kid all about what's available in the world. It's scary to think it's your responsibility now. But the truth is, it's not that big of a responsibility. The school offers a great support system of wonderful teachers who teach your child virtually.

My first priority is that my children are safe. I extracted Nicolaj from traditional school. From that point on I had to take charge of their education, and make learning a lifestyle, and not just a chore. 
I kept my Nico home with me throughout his middle school years, and he did great. He started to be his old happy self again, and his grades were getting better. Now in High school, he wanted to give traditional school another try, mostly for social reasons. He is averaging an A now, he has friends and has big goals for himself. 
I liked the home school program so much, in fact I extracted both of my daughters the following year. 
Yesterday, my second oldest, Nastassja (13), got for the 3rd time in a row the Dean's Honor List Award in the mail. Nastassja has ambitious plans about her future. They are not much different from my own dreams I had when I was a child. She has a great love for the arts, and is usually my first critic when I'm contemplating on new designs. 
That award is truly hers. She structures her day that declares openly to what is most important to her, which is: reading, writing, art, togetherness, the outdoors and prioritizes those things. TV and video games are not addicting anymore. We keep them at a minimum level.
I always tell my kids, that the key is to actively design the life that they want. There are no limits.
I think after all we made a positive change in our life, and my kids feel inspired instead of feeling criticized.

Here are a few tips on homeschooling: 

This may be a time of great transition for your young person—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It can be a challenging age, but your child needs your affection, communication, and understanding even more than ever.
If you’re homeschooling, especially the middle school years can be some of the most challenging. 
Your child is maturing, growing, and changing, so be willing to be flexible in all areas of your relationship. Not permissive, flexible. Look for ways to praise, guide and validate your children as they mature. Look for areas where they can have control.

Remember that you are modeling for your children not only how to grow, change, learn, make, and do, but how to build a support system for yourself. That support system includes your environment, your habits, your routines, and your relationships.

If your children grow up in a family that loves books and reading that loves the outdoors, that values making and creating, those things will shape their day, their week, and their life.

Your values determine how you live your everyday life. You set the example with the choices you make in your daily life. 
A child who is allowed to dig his hands into learning knows that his ideas are valued — not only valued, but absolutely essential. There will be no learning until he/she grabs hold and sees what can be done with this chunk of life in front of him/her.

 By showing them the skills and tools of learning, then dictating how to use them, and   mentoring them so they can take over immediately and start apprenticing as makers, doers, creators, explorers, and thinkers.

Show them how to actively design their life that they want, and that everything is possible.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave me a reply here on this blog space.

xo, Diana