Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Fall !

 My family and I like to take short trips over the course of the year... just to stay sane, as our workloads at times can become very heavy, and whenever a big vacation is out of question.
 As I mentioned yesterday, we love staying at the Bellagio, in Las Vegas.
We like taking the kids to attractions, such as seeing other hotels themes, shows, amusement parks, and particularly we love the botanical garden here at the Bellagio. Over the years we have come here at different seasons, and I have made tons of photos of the ever changing garden. However, I never actually posted them. One of those days I'll go trough our photo archives and make a special tap for great vacation spots to go with your kids. And yeah - Vegas has some nice attractions for kids too :)
So, here are pics we took this past weekend. Enjoy!

The beautiful Fall Decorations at the Botanical Garden

                          This is a picture of a vintage wine press.

                                              Gorgeous bed of Sunflowers.

                                           A 15 foot Scarecrow smiling at ya...

                                                A "Cider Mill" with real life trees surrounding

                                                             A happy tree guy :)

                                                                     A talking tree..

                                            Assortments of "giant pumpkins"
 I'll be back next week with a sneak preview of my latest work.
Wish you a wonderful and restful weekend everyone!!

xoxo, Diana

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