Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Decorations DIY

Things are starting to get Halloweenish around here. 
Costumes are ready, pumpkins are carved, and my favorite DIY Team (Nico, Nasi, Desi & Tristan) and myself are getting crazy decorating the house.
Tristan, the Artist himself!

And, if you need still a real Monster in your Halloween decoration.
I have a printout for all you DIY' ers.
It's great getting the kids involved in the decorations.

It prints out standard paper size!


What you will need: 

A glass jar (medium sized)
1 Tee Light Candle
Green Construction Paper/ or green crayons to color the print out
Red, Black, Grey, and Green Crayons

How to make it:

First color in Frankenstein's face. Then shape paper into cylinder. Glue both etches together. Cut out Screw pattern, fold on dotted line and glue to the sides of cylinder.
Place over glass jar with candle. Finish is your Frankenstein Monster- head!

Have Fun Creating!

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