Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still here...& a little Announcement

Though some contraction action warranted me to the L&D department over the weekend, but that precious little baby of mine has his own plan. Having had several babies early makes me wonder will this pregnancy ever end. Will be officially past due this Thursday.
And... my fortune cookie said today "good things happen to people who wait"....blah blah blah
* * *
So, while I'm twiddling my thumbs, meantime, I signed, sealed and shipped all these little cuties to find its way to new boutiques in Germany.
I'm especially excited about the debut of my organic baby clothing line in my native country.
Will have an update for you soon off where to buy.
So there it is a little announcement...

And we even squeezed a little Birthday cake in between yesterday's action

My sweet little Nastassja turned 13 yesterday. Oh time - were does it go... It was just yesterday when I... :)

xxx, Diana

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