Saturday, July 14, 2012


This is what I found yesterday while watering my garden. These little cuties just hatched. 

 And here they are. Mommy Quail and her day old babies.

 And a curious 2 year old looking at the little baby birdie.

 It must be a sign, while we are still patiently waiting for the arrival of our baby. I am 40 weeks pregnant now, and nesting has definitely kicked in here in our house. I'm finding myself constantly washing floors, organizing closets, kitchen pantry, and stocking up the fridge for some quick and easy meals for after the baby arrives. I had a fairly good pregnancy, with the exception in the final weeks I've been dealing with swollen feet's, face, belly... everything. I have been suffering from "carpal tunnel syndrome" in my right hand. It is completely numb, and  I had to literally train my left hand to do most of the things. I did actually manage to finish this cute painting, the pink version of my "New Beginnings" Series of Nursery Decor. Maybe, I will be able to add a name soon in the pink little banner!? We kept the gender of our baby as a surprise... so everything is a maybe right now.

Maybe... next post I have a formal announcement for you:) 

xoxo, Diana

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