Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebrate with us!

Starting today til July 31, midnight
to celebrate Diana's brand new Baby Boy!

Tatum 7 days old. We adjusted very well since home from the hospital. He is a happy and healthy baby boy, already smiling. He is just a beautiful soul.

Thank you everyone for your beautiful well wishes and your lovely thoughts on the birth of our little sunshine! xxx

Friday, July 27, 2012

Our little Sunshine

Meet Tatum Pius, xxx


On July 21st. I gave birth to our beautiful little son Tatum. A very healthy big boy. He weighted 8 lbs 7 ounces, 22 inches long. I had a natural birth and a very quick and peaceful labour/birth. We are all so happy and enjoying our time together as a family. Here is a first pic of our new little sunshine.

May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
and the pure light within you
guide your way on.

Wishing you a life full of peace and happiness! 

xxx, your Mommy and Daddy

Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby News!

                                      We are happy to announce, our little angel has arrived 

Mommy and Baby are doing fine! The birth went extremely well. We are home now and adjusting.
                                                         We are all over the moon 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This is what we have been up to this week. 
The weather has been beautiful here in Oak Hills. It slightly cooled down to the 90's compared to the 111 degree's we had last week. Enjoying the beautiful clear blue skies, having breakfast with the kids outside, and doing a little bit of harvesting in the garden. I have been using this Fish fertilizer, it contains seaweed and fish bones. It smells really really bad, but my fruits and vegetables must like it. This is the first year we have such an abundant garden. My hubby made me the raised vegetable beds two years ago. It's not that big, but every inch of it is being used. Since we've been fertilizing every week, we can barely keep up with eating all those yummy veggies. We try to stay away from meat mostly during the week, and have been cooking up more healthy vegetarian dishes this summer. The kids love it, especially when they get involved with the process of growing seeds, watering, and then picking their own dinners right from the garden.  

 My little garden.

 The Orchard.
It has been 5 years since we planted all the trees. Last year the birds and the squirrels beat us to all of the fruit, literally. We had to put these white pipes around the stems, so we finally can enjoy our own fruit. Now we have about 60 Fruit trees, different varieties.

 This Tree called "Mirabelle de Rheine" It is a cross of an Apricot and a Plum. It's tiny, but very yummy. I remember, when I was a kid, my cousins and I used to claim these huge trees in Germany, were you can find all kinds of Plum, Cherry, and Apple trees growing wild along the roadside in the villages.
 My kids love figs. Usually they never make it into a bowl, because they get eaten right of the tree. These are Honey Figs, and have a pinkish fruit meat inside.

 We picked so many Cherries and Apricots that I had to make Marmalade and Preserves. It was a lot of work getting the seeds out, but so worth it. It reminded me of my own childhood, when my Aunt and my Mother cooked up Marmalades. These will definitely not last very long in our house, so I've been giving some away already to our nice neighbors, friends and family.

 Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches

 Papa's little helper, Tristan.

 a close up of our peaches, plums and veggies.

By the end of the day we are like this...

I love summer, being outside with the kids and getting my mind of other icky things...ahem...
beats office work:)

Happy Summer everyone!!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still here...& a little Announcement

Though some contraction action warranted me to the L&D department over the weekend, but that precious little baby of mine has his own plan. Having had several babies early makes me wonder will this pregnancy ever end. Will be officially past due this Thursday.
And... my fortune cookie said today "good things happen to people who wait"....blah blah blah
* * *
So, while I'm twiddling my thumbs, meantime, I signed, sealed and shipped all these little cuties to find its way to new boutiques in Germany.
I'm especially excited about the debut of my organic baby clothing line in my native country.
Will have an update for you soon off where to buy.
So there it is a little announcement...

And we even squeezed a little Birthday cake in between yesterday's action

My sweet little Nastassja turned 13 yesterday. Oh time - were does it go... It was just yesterday when I... :)

xxx, Diana

Saturday, July 14, 2012


This is what I found yesterday while watering my garden. These little cuties just hatched. 

 And here they are. Mommy Quail and her day old babies.

 And a curious 2 year old looking at the little baby birdie.

 It must be a sign, while we are still patiently waiting for the arrival of our baby. I am 40 weeks pregnant now, and nesting has definitely kicked in here in our house. I'm finding myself constantly washing floors, organizing closets, kitchen pantry, and stocking up the fridge for some quick and easy meals for after the baby arrives. I had a fairly good pregnancy, with the exception in the final weeks I've been dealing with swollen feet's, face, belly... everything. I have been suffering from "carpal tunnel syndrome" in my right hand. It is completely numb, and  I had to literally train my left hand to do most of the things. I did actually manage to finish this cute painting, the pink version of my "New Beginnings" Series of Nursery Decor. Maybe, I will be able to add a name soon in the pink little banner!? We kept the gender of our baby as a surprise... so everything is a maybe right now.

Maybe... next post I have a formal announcement for you:) 

xoxo, Diana