Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Tristan!

Today if s your 1st. Birthday!   Already, ... the year went by too fast. It has been a very eventful first year, and I just want to say thank you for putting up with  all so patiently.
Thank you for putting up with your mommy, with her sometimes long hours of work, were you waited so patiently to get my attention, even dough it is very hard not to pay attention to you... 
Thank you for  keeping me company in the studio, I love having you there, (even dough when you find it more interesting to pull out the cords from the wall outlets). You have been such an inspiration for me , I was able to create so many new nursery artwork, which I see art in a more sweeter way now.

With you always being right there with me ( usually under the table, and having so much fun when you can get your tiny chubby fingers into mommy's colors). That's how we are so much alike... 

I love just looking at you playing... most of the time when I wanted to get some work done in the studio, and then  you catch' ed me watching , and I broke your concentration with whatever you were occupied, and you come and crawl to me with your cookie crusted cheeks for a quick nursing...
I love when you hear music and you start dancing... You are a very happy and funny little guy...

Thank you for being such a cute model for Lalilu, and going along with a few outfit changes at one setting, and us -trying to get the right shot.
I'm sorry for the frequent travels and sometimes long flights you had to cope with. You did great with all of them!
Thank you for putting up with your wild sisters an brother, who are unbelievable crazy about you, and most of the time fight over you, but you don't seem to mind..

Thank you for coming in our lives, and make every day a more brighter and more beautiful day. You have brought us so much happiness! You are a good good boy !

And lastly, I want to tell you... Tristan , I love you!!
Happy first Birthday!

Your Mommy