Friday, November 6, 2009

The Boy himself !

Officially introducing Tristan!
I am 3 weeks old now, and you will be seing a lot more of me in the future, sinc
e I will be the New "Lalilu"Model!

I' m getting too much attention...
Taking turns:

Nico's turn

Nastassja's turn

Desiree's turn

Daddy's turn

Obviously, there will never be a unhugged, uncuddeled and unkissed moment...

..... back to kissing the Newborn.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ABC Kids Expo 2009

As promised...

Here are a few pics from my newest collection of Wall -Hangings, Picture Frames, and In
fant Onesies, that made its debut at the September ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.
Our very first Trade Show- wow, what an experience...
Sometimes we felt as if we were melting away ( it was pretty hot in Vegas, at 103 F), setting up our booth in the convention center took us longer as anticipated, a full 8 1/2 hours ( from 9 pm - 5:30 am), one day before the show opened. Oh, did I mentioned the convention center was not air conditioned... Well, my sweet Husband who was helping me, and I had our workout.
After 3 hours of sleep, we spent the rest of the day at the pool with our kids, who tagged along with us for the week.
Oh, I also forgot to mention that I was 36 weeks pregnant.

Poolside at the Mandalay Bay

Booth Set-up
My new collection of Wall-Hangings, and Picture Frames available now at our store!

Thanks to all the nice visitors and customers. The Show was a huge success for Lalilu, Inc. , we enjoyed so much to get to meet so many interesting and inspiring people, customers, and designers. We made made many international contacts and friends as well.
Hope to see everyone again at next years show!

Have a great week!