Friday, February 27, 2009

New Palette!

I've got my new colors today, and oh boy I have to confess, I felt like a Kid at Christmas opening presents. As I really like painting with oil lately, I have settled on "Charvin Oil Color" a product of France. They are extremely fine pigmented and very very creamy to paint with. My favorite so far.
I have many many new ideas bursting out of my sketchbook for new children's murals, don't know which one to paint first though, and per request of some of my customers, I will include a few contemporary art pieces in this ye
ars collection. Among many others,
I am a huge fan of Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein, and have always admired their sense of modern art.
Even though I have painted many comics on canvas in the past for my own private collection, I am trying somethings completely different, and it wont be a can of soup either.

Anyway, as I'm painting along, my two precious daughters just love to do the same, and in their sweet little way sneaking into
Mommy's colors when I'm not looking, which they know is a big no-no. But this is what their came up with today. Another master piece waiting to be framed and hung.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Here is my favorite pic from our recent trip to Vegas. I love how beautiful they decorated the Bellagio, celebrating the Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Winter!

Snow day (Nicolaj, Nastassja & Desiree having fun in the snow)

Whew, my first blog entry! As I'm setting out to continue my new years resolution plan, of setting a few things in motion, physically, mentally, and financially, you know the usual... setting up a proper diet and exercise plan in January, ... that has just moved into February's agenda.
Creating more paintings. I'm itching to paint, and have too many i
deas that need to be put on canvas, and know that spring is approaching quickly, I am also working on a view more clothing designs that I want to introduce to you in the near future.
Now that the holidays are over, and the Kids are back in school, I can actually uninterrupted slip into my slippers, take my morning coffee, go into my studio and do what I'm doing best.
As I'm writing to you, I'm looking outside the window, and it's snowing like crazy. It is starting to look like the perfect picture to paint, - like "Winter wonderland".

Mentally: my resolution,- take up a view subjects of interest, -stay focused on one of the time (my hardest task), and stay sane with my kids. Financially: my resolution, - stay away from the stock market this year.
What is your resolution?
So long, until next time!!!